About Us


Our Story

We provide quality Limu Ethiopian Arabica coffee at a competitive price. Its ethical business conduct and its strict observance to the delivery schedule enabled it to enter into the markets of U.S.A, South Korea, and U.A.E among others; and still remain acting together with strong and dependable customers. On the top of this, the Company aims to build socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business by establishing long-term reliance of our customers on our responsibility in the coffee industry.

In our business, we give priority for quality before any other thing. We offer high-quality coffee at a fair price and unbeatable service. We are certified by the Certification of Environmental Standards (CERES) GMBH. So With us, you can be completely sure that our product has passed all the tests and requirements of quality. Our words are our bond. So believe us when we say you will be satisfied and happy with the product you will be provided especially with regards to its quality.


  • To promote and bring forth Limu specialty coffee to the world of coffee.
  • To work with small-scale farmers and provide out growers coffee to the market.



  • To be preferred coffee producing and exporting company.

Our Values

  • Customer Centered –Seek to understand and enhance the value of our customers. We are proactive in identifying needs and coming up with the solution for the customers. Therefore, we work towards the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Trustworthy – Under a warm and open atmosphere, we approach our associate & business partners with humility, honesty, and enthusiasm. We will deliver on all our promise, our word is our bond.
  • Courage - We will support our decision and action with conviction.
  • Quality - We are committed to producing quality product and service. We work towards assuring quality service to our customers in a professional manner. Accordingly, make sure that quality coffee is delivered based on the standard that the customers are requiring. Furthermore, we provide Limu specialty coffee from their very origins with their unique profile, consistent quality, and true flavor.

  • Integrity - We ensure that our services are given at the utmost integrity and openness. This ensures that our clients and returning customers always achieve the full value of their money worth.
  • Professionalism
We have professional employees, who are passionate about what they do

  • Fairness
We treat both our clients and employees with fairness and without any prejudice.

  • Passion for our Customer - We measure our excellence by our Customers Satisfaction